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Maximizing Your Social Media Strategy with Influenx Blogs

Welcome to the Marketing Strategy Blog!

My name is Tom Land, and I am the Co-Founder and CEO of I started this company with Jenn Trippett to help create a world where Social Media and the "Digital Handshake" wouldn't be so far out of reach. In creating an AI-Powered tool to automate the heavy lifting of Social Media content creation, Jenn and I also wanted to connect with our Creators and empower them with the latest relevant social media news, best tips&tricks we've learned from our deep dive in content creation, and updates on the Influenx company. I hope that the personalized touch and time will impact your ability as a creator to get your craft out to the world, because it's not "who you know" that makes you successful, it's "who knows you."

Social Media News

The landscape of social media is constantly changing in an almost exhausting manner. First it's the revolution of text posts on Facebook, then it's images on Instagram, and now it's short form video content on Tik Tok. BUT WAIT! Now Tik Tok has announced that the new form of content it will be pushing are videos up to 30-minutes in length! If you haven't heard the news, it's because you don't read our blog enough. I got you covered.

Tik Tok just announced 30 minute videos

The point is that there is a flood of irrelevant news pouring into your life and sometimes you just need a filter to give you the most relevant headlines and updates so you can create incredible content for your followers. That's 1/3 of what we do here in the Influenx AI Blog Department!

Social Media Tips & Tricks

Experience is the best teacher. Well... I'd like to think being given the information before I concussed myself jumping off a 60ft cliff would have been better for my brain. But to each their own.

There's obviously gurus of Social Media that have been editing videos and creating story boards for the past 10-years. Yes, that's who you have to compete with. Worse is that the bigger influencers have (5) of these gurus being paid to operate like a content creation machine with the intent of crushing the little guys. Hopefully we can step in here.

Over 10-years of social media experience, we are going to consistently give you the absolute best tips and tricks to keep up with the teams of social media marketing teams that these other influencers have. And hopefully, we can provide enough value for you to get ahead.

Just to break the ice, here's a free one for the edutainers (education+entertainers) out there:

  • Slice your video and remove the "um's", long pauses, and blank states.

  • Seperate your audio from your video

  • Slightly shorten the ending of your video so the audio barely overlaps

This will give your video a much faster pace. If you can't figure out what I mean, shoot us an email at and I will make a blog and a video tutorial on how to do it.

Influenx AI Updates

Before anything, we are a tech company with the mission to innovate in the automation industry. is an automation platform that can seamlessly generate high quality content for your social media page, so you don't have to constantly read the blogs and watch the tutorials for 8-hours a day. With that said, we are constantly evolving and adding new features along with improving our current features, and we like to keep our Creators in the loop on those updates. So 2023 update: we are testing the platform officially!!!! And spoilers, it's AMAZING. Q1 of 2024, is going to be dominated by our Creators!!!!

Closing Message

Hopefully this helps. This blog isn't going to be monotized and we aren't looking for donations. We just want our creators to have a competitive advantage in this insanely competitive world.

So get out there. Go dominate. And remember: "It's not who you know. It's who knows you."

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