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Will content creators be replaced by AI in 2024

ai in content creation

Before reading any further, if you don’t know what a content creator is, check out this blog post to learn. Now that you’ve got a good understanding, let’s dive in.


I think, to immediately address this question is the best route. And with that, no. Content Creators will not be “replaced” by AI. But the volume and quality of content is going to become overwhelmingly competitive as AI supports content creators on a day-to-day basis.


AI’s Evolution to Date:

We are all aware of ChatGPT and the large language model that is the groundbreaker and new standard for prompt generated AI responses. ChatGPT can create an overall vision for your content creation, a campaign for each quarter of the year, a monthly breakdown of best days and times to post different forms of content, and even a script for each content that it suggests. ChatGPT is the biggest tool for not only Social Media marketing, but all marketing.

Furthermore, we have OpusClips. This AI can scan a long-form video, splice it up, and give you the most viral moments based on data it has. My assumption is that it utilizes ChatGPT, to read transcripts and cross-reference with what the most popular verbiage and phrases on the internet. But that’s speculation.

We also have Midjourney/Dall-e. These are image generation platforms utilized to create images from thin air. Absolutely revolutionary technology, and if you aren’t familiar with it, your neighbor probably is. Over 16+ Million users pay a monthly subscription to Midjourney to utilize its image generation software. As a SAAS (Software as a Service) platform, this is unprecedented in the technology world.

We are also seeing Synthesia. This is a company that provides AI Generated Avatars based off your likeness. They can scan your face, and give you a near-perfect emulation to utilize in onboarding, training, or… you guessed it -social media marketing.

Finally, we are seeing Influenx AI who has set its sights on being the umbrella that rolls of these platforms and features into one SAAS, and allows a user to enter a prompt and receive a made-ready video ready for YouTube, repackaged for Tik Tok, snapped and expanded on for Instagram, and briefly described for Threads/X. All. In. One. Prompt. Although they are in their Beta testing now, Influenx is on track to overtake these platforms as the largest Social Media Tool on the planet.


Will content creators be replaced by AI:

There will be a roll-up that puts marketers' jobs are at stake. This is true. Influenx AI seeks to roll-up all of the previously stated platforms under one umbrella that fully automates the content creation process. If you are a part of a 10-person marketing team at a company, expect your position to be consolidated into 2-3 people who utilize AI as leverage in creating vast amounts of content. However, the flipside is the opposite. If you have a deep knowledge of AI-leverage, you can utilize these tools and get higher paid jobs at companies desperately looking for this set of skills and expertise. When the industrial revolution began, people assumed that machines would take over their jobs in the marketplace. The fear was rampant. Yet the opposite occurred. Millions of jobs were created, and as companies became more streamlined, they could produce more, and with that, they needed more employees to maintain that production. The same is true with AI. As companies become more competitive, the demand for more content is going to increase. And although the leverage of AI is benefiting a company in downsizing costs, it also means that more companies will require a marketing service within their company. Meaning -more jobs across the board.

If you don’t understand it and you are not willing to learn, I would buckle up, because 2024 is going to be a wild ride.

The Takeaway:

In conclusion, learn AI-leveraging. Utilize one of the many tools already available and secure that highly sought after role on these smaller teams. If you still don’t understand what Social Media Automation Tools are, check out this article to learn more.


Finally, check out Influenx AI. The platform is the most robust and on track to be the most dominant. Use what gives you the most leverage so that you can create more and learn the trivial production/editing skills behind.

Written by Tom Land, Co-Founder & CEO at Influenx AI


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