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What is Social Media Content Creation?

The question that every business owner has after being bombarded with Grant Cardone and Alex Hormozi videos: what is social media content creation? And why would I care? After all, I own a business.

The Impact of Social Media in Business:

Unfortunately, the world changes faster and faster with each passing decade. It took us a ten thousand years to create the wheel. And between the first wagon and Jesus Christ, we invented roads, aqueducts, surgical tools, concrete, and more. According to people who believe the universe is billions of years old, this means that if the entire world were adjusted to equate a 24-hour day, all of those human revolutions and innovations would have happened in the just the last few seconds. Or something like that.

The point is: the world is changing. And if you don't change with the world, it will leave you in the dust. A great example of that is the famous story of Blockbuster and Netflix.

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Right now, young entrepreneurs are starting businesses with technology as leverage, using companies like to streamline their business, to streamline their sales, and to streamline their marketing.

The biggest shift is how customers are engaging with businesses.

90s - Thirty (30) years ago, you might've opened up a newspaper and learned about a service your business could utilize, or a new lawnmower that could cut grass better than anything you'd ever seen

00s - Fifteen (20) years ago, you'd get a cold call and you'd be asked if you wanted to invest in the stock market. Little did you know the Wolf of Wall Street was being filmed at the time.

10s - Ten (10) years ago, you might've see an ad on a blog page or Forbes' website, and click to buy. The era of words... miss those days.

But today, more and more people are scrolling through social media and finding what they've been looking for through a series of algorithms that know you better than you know yourself.

Social media is the new medium for not only engaging with potential customers, but also for staying connecting to your current customers.

How to Compete?

If you take a look around, the companies without social media initiatives are most likely stagnant or slowly dying. These companies are the out-of-shape kids who are really thinking about quitting gym class because it only gets tougher from here on out.

On the flipside, the companies with a social media presence aren't necessarily growing... but they are set out to stay in this infinite game. The point is, if you don't have a social media presence, you are aren't even in the race. You're on the sidelines.

The first thing I do as a customer looking into a new business, is I check two things. Their website, and their social media. If I found them on social media, and they only have three (3) posts. Then their website better be good.

I just can't trust companies without a social media presence anymore. It's a digital handshake that validates humanism and tangibility. And I think many would agree.

Social Media Content Creation: what is it?

You've got the backstory as to why this all matters, but let's get to the point now. What is content creation?

Content creation the act of typing, snapping, or recording some kind of media that you will then be able to post on social media. Now you know why that might be important. Hopefully.

The three examples I can give, are,, and

On, I create largely text-based content. The best example of this is probably my thread of posts strung together to make the story of how I started my company.

This is content creation as I distilled my story as an entrepreneur into an easily digestible format, cutting out any events with little weight and really focusing on the main points that people care about.

In this way, when I post the story people are then able to go through it and read about my journey, hopefully inspiring and aiding others to do the same.

For Instagram, we can take a look at the image content creation and the page.

The example I'll give within this page is the "Don't Get Sucked In" post. It has some text, sure, but it's really an image. And the image of a woman's face being pulled into a phone screen is almost disturbing to some degree. It's eye-catching, and it makes the viewer ask if they too are getting sucked in.

Lastly, I'll give the example of Tik Tok.

Here is an example of how I tell the story of my company in an engaging, heavily produced video that has lots of visual imagery support, subtitles for people who don't have their volume turned on, and good quality vocals and video as the cherry on top.


Your content doesn't have to be this robust, but it does have to exist. A great way to do that, it to start at the lowest barrier of entry. My suggestion is to create an account. Upload your personal or company logo as the profile picture. Have your company/personal name as your username and name. And start putting yourself out there.

If you need help getting started, check out How to Get Started & Influenx AI as a tool to help give you ideas and even create the content via your prompt.

Even if you don't use Influenx, you have to use something.

Get out there. Get started. And be a Content Creator this 2024.

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