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Is AI the Ultimate Weapon for Beating the Competition on Social Media?

The Current Role of AI in social media:

A remarkable development unfolded when a company scanned and replicated a doctor endorsing their product in an advertisement, despite the fact that the doctor never provided such an endorsement. This showcases AI's capability to scan documents, generate scripts, conduct real-voice voiceovers, and now produce video content that essentially substitutes for human "talent." Additionally, I observed an Instagram model, with hundreds of thousands of followers and an account generating substantial monthly revenue, all managed by a young man in his 20s using his apartment computer.

It seems we are approaching a future where AI could entirely replace human content creators. The crucial question arises: how can one stay ahead in this landscape before it becomes too late?

Professionals in social media:

Generating income through social media is often not the primary motivation for content creators. Instead, the majority of them have roles beyond the realm of social media and the real point is to generate leads. Nowadays, content creators encompass a diverse group, including insurance agents promoting a new product, writers launching a new book, singers releasing a single, or residential realtors marketing homes. The significant challenge arises because these individuals are not traditional "influencers," and they haven't necessarily mastered the art of creating humorous tweets or captivating short-form videos. Staying updated on audio trends or actively engaging with specific communities often ranks low on their priority list due to the substantial workload they manage outside the realm of social media.

Your Competition: Money

So the question then turns to who are the thought leaders of these industries? Often what we have been witnessing are the people with time and money are the people who are able to spend the time and energy to create content. Alex Hormozi is a perfect example. As a powerful thought leader in the business ownership space, Alex spends his entire week on marketing. On top of this extreme time commitment, he spends $75,000 per month on the quality and volume of content he produces. How do people compete with such competition when second place probably spends $5,000 per month and 8-hours a week on creating social media content? There is just no way possible using the methods that Alex uses.

Your Competition: Time

Furthermore, the thought leaders of these industries spend their entire days creating social media content. They do and think of nothing else besides how to reach more people and amass a larger following. They are not in the day-to-day of their business. They are not dealing with clients constantly. Oftentimes, content creators are either the boss of the boss, or their entire role is content creation. How can you compete with that when you have a 9-5 job and a family to take care of on the weekend?

Your Competition: Experience

Lastly, I have noticed two professionals, Ryan Serhant and Steve Varsano. Both of these men are veterans in their industries and have stories, knowledge, and experience to pull from for an endless flow of engaging content. We notice that a large portion of professionals trying to break into the social media space are young men and women who lack experience and are looking to social media for a means to elevate their level of business. But without those years of experience, how are you creating content?

My Advice: Have a Strategy

Our advice to professionals looking to build an audience on social media is to be funny, tell engaging stories, react to industry-specific news, and stay in your lane. Don’t create content of you giving tennis advice if your last three videos were of you talking about the insurance world. Spend some extra time creating quality content. Spend some extra money on your digital handshake. Do not get left behind.

Conclusion: How will AI change the competitive landscape?

AI like Influenx, will dramatically change the competitive landscape. Tweets will be more funny, images will be more engaging, and videos will be edited automatically. And the barrier of entry for content creators will go from 8-hours a day and 2-years of practice, to 8-minutes a day with no prior experience in the social media world. Stay tuned, and get ready for the next 12-months. They will completely change the world.


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