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4 Essential Steps for Professionals Entering the Social Media Landscape

Updated: Feb 16

Two business professinals learning about social media

Listen, it’s no secret that the professional world and Edutainment (Education+Entertainment) has taken the social media space by storm. Voices like Gary Vaynerchuk, Alex Hormozi, Grant Cardone, and even the famous “Wolf of Wallstreet” Jordan Belfort have entered the world of social media speaking on topics like Marketing, Sales, Real Estate Investing, and more. In a +$230B industry, it’s no wonder business leaders are seeing the golden opportunity of lead generation from the masses. The biggest question has become: can I be the Grant Cardone of the _____ industry?

The answer is YES

Even if you are a real estate investor. There are 4.8 billion social media users worldwide, and Grant Cardone only has 4.6 million followers. That’s 4.7-ish billion followers that you can go after, and news flash: his followers can also follow you.

The real question isn’t whether you can become a social media “Thought Leader”, but rather do you have the knowledge, expertise, resources, and time to take on the challenge.

Social media can be a full-time job and as we see with some content creators, it can become your entire life. Obviously, the point of generating leads from social media is to buy back your time with an initial investment of becoming a thought leader and a resulting payoff of not having to cold call people for their insurance needs (or whatever industry you happen to be in). So if you are looking to buy back your time, how do you become a thought leader in the world of social media? You can hire an entire marketing division! Just pay to play and spend $75,000/month like Alex Hormozi on your social media content creation. WRONG. If you’re reading this, you probably don’t have that kind of budget. You might not even have $1,000/month to spend on your digital handshake. So let’s make a list. List are always good.

1. Define the kind of content you are going to create.

If you are in insurance, don’t post tweets, pictures, or videos about 1700s artwork. It bothers your audience, they will unfollow, and if by chance your art video blows up and you acquire 1,000,000 followers from it, your next insurance videos will get destroyed by the algorithm because those art followers are never going to like those insurance videos. So stay in your lane.

2. Block out three to four kinds of content that you will focus on

No matter what industry, don’t try to tackle too much at once. This ties into staying in your lane, but if you define a few different kinds of content, you’ll find that coming up with ideas becomes easier and thoughtless, and much less overwhelming.

Example: If you are an industry professional, the first kind of content I would suggest you create is story-based content. I’m a Commercial Real Estate Broker and the stories I could tell you about stupid clients or crazy landlords could fill this entire page in bullet point format. If you have an experience under your belt, tell stories as they are fun for anyone remotely interested in the industry you’re in.

Other Examples:

  • News Reactions (Realtors -Rising interest rates and how it effects homebuyers)

  • Fun Facts (Insurance -How to use your insurance policy as loan collateral to buy real estate)

  • Cool Ideas (Writers -An amazing character concept you are really excited about)

  • Day-2-Day (CRE Brokers -This is what it looks like to tour a AAA-Class building in Dallas, TX)

  • The list goes on but you get the picture.

3. Create a schedule for yourself

I call this my non-negotiables. Every day, I post on social media. It can be X, it can be Instagram, it can be Tik Tok. But no matter what, I post once-per-day. Period. You don’t have to post every day, but I highly suggest creating a standard for the amount of content you produce on a weekly basis. If you post 7-times a week, you will most likely find success. If you post 3-times a week, you may find success depending on the quality of your content. If you post 1-time a week, good luck. I don’t believe there is much success there, but I am not going to tell you how to live your life.

Step 4: Look at other content creators

I see the edutainment space with engaging captions, flashes of images to support the narrative, and oftentimes the most successful creators have “face-2-face content” rather than “faceless content.” I.e. if you are selling something, your buyers probably want to see who they are buying from. The point is that you should look at other creators and model the quality and form of your content off what you see around you. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel starting out. You can do that once you hit 1,000,000 followers. Until then, just focus on using what works, and what works is being posted on a daily basis. Consume, digest, create.


If you follow these steps, you will most likely dominate the content creation landscape and generate a following that actually cares about what you do and will likely buy from you. Email me at if you have any suggestions for content creator advice and how-to’s.


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